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In Points2pay you can obtain and use your points more quickly and easily

With each visit you make to our network of small businesses you can enroll and get points from the first time

When you are going to pay your bill or your purchase request the QR of your transaction and just scan it with your mobile

When you want to use your points simply ask for the QR of the payment and scan with your mobile.

Also takes advantage of tools that will facilitate locating small businesses affiliated to our global network and use your points in the various promotions that our small businesses posted each month.

Cada punto equivale a un centavo, tú ganarás el equivalente en puntos al 1% del importe de tu compra y cuando acumules lo suficiente, podrás redimir tus puntos para obtener un 5% de descuento en tus compras, siempre y cuando tengas el saldo equivalente en puntos. Si quieres recibir más, busca las promociones que ofrecen los comercios en tu móvil, redes sociales o nuestro portal y utiliza tus puntos.

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